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A writer at my school

Difusão Literária: Uma Escritora na minha Escola

The "Literary Diffusion: A Writer in my School" project seeks, through reading of the book carried out by the author herself and the contact between her and the children, stimulate the love of reading and the importance of having a reason to dream.


The illustration presented is part of the project "Literary Diffusion: An Author in My School," an initiative aimed at promoting a love for reading among students through direct contact with authors and their works. The illustration captures the magic and transformative power of reading, highlighting how close contact between writers and young readers can stimulate not only a love for reading, but also imagination, creativity, and the importance of having dreams and aspirations in life.

This project was conceived and is being carried out in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with the aim of enriching the school environment and contributing to the holistic development of students through literature and contact with local authors.

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